Toyota Highlander vs Subaru Outback

2017 Subaru Outback vs Toyota Highlander

Compare Features - The Outback Wins!

  2017 Outback2017 Highlander
 Fuel Economy
 32 MPG Highway ✅
 24 MPG Highway
 Horsepower/Curb Weight
 175 hp/3,580 lbs ✅ 185 hp/4,165 lbs
Front Headroom (Inches)
40.8 ✅ 40.7
 Towing Capacity
 2700 lbs ✅
 1500 lbs
 All-Wheel Drive
 Standard ✅
 Offered for Additional Cost
 MSRP ($)
$26,520 ✅ $31,590

How Does the Subaru Outback Compare to Its Competitors?

The Subaru Outback is an extremely popular vehicle, offering drivers a potent combination of a sedan's aerodynamic form and performance abilities with an SUV's interior spaciousness and safety capabilities. The Outback provides drivers with a lot of confidence, security, and assurance.

Here at Garcia Subaru El Paso, we are proud of the many accomplishments, and the overall popularity, of the Subaru Outback. We see, day in and day out, how well it performs. However, if you are in the market for a new vehicle, you may not be sure how exactly it stands up to its competition. How do you know that the Subaru Outback is the right vehicle for you?

In an effort to assist you with your purchasing decision, we have decided to compare the Subaru Outback with the Toyota Highlander -- one of the Outback's most prominent competitors.

2017 Subaru Outback vs. 2017 Toyota Highlander

2017 Subaru Outback

The first thing most customers want to know about is how their purchase will affect their wallet. Everyone wants a quality vehicle, but they do not want to break their bank -- and understandably so. With the Subaru Outback, you will not have to worry about that, though. That is because the Subaru Outback is much more affordable than the Toyota Highlander -- almost $5,000 more affordable!

Further, the Subaru Outback comes with standard all-wheel drive. The Toyota Highlander does not. That means you only get the safety, and the confidence, provided with all-wheel drive with the Subaru Outback.

Moreover, the Subaru Outback is more fuel efficient than its competitor by a large margin -- the Outback offers 32 highway mpg; the Highlander offers 24.

As if that isn't enough, the Subaru Outback's towing capacity is more than one thousand pounds greater than that of the Toyota Highlander.

This also does not take into account the Subaru Outback's incredible reputation for safety, nor the fact that the Subaru Outback offers you more front headroom, and more cargo volume, than the Toyota Highlander.

Overall, with the Subaru Outback, you can save almost $5,000 and still get all-wheel drive, a higher towing capacity, better fuel efficiency, more headroom, and more cargo volume.

Want to Learn More About the Subaru Outback?

2017 Subaru Outback Interior

Your purchasing decision is incredibly important. We want to be sure you are getting the most effective vehicle for your needs -- one that offers you great features, the fuel efficiency and power that you want, and the interior space that you need. We want to be sure that the vehicle you drive off our lot is safe, reliable, and durable.

With the Subaru Outback, as you can see, you get more benefits and performance abilities for a more affordable price than you do with the Toyota Highlander. That means you are not just getting a great car -- you are also getting a great deal.

If you would like to learn more about the Subaru Outback, its incredible benefits on the road, and its performance abilities, we invite you to visit us at Garcia Subaru El Paso. Our team, located in El Paso, TX, would be more than happy to assist you with any of your automotive needs, from research, to purchasing, to financing, and beyond.

Stop by today, and a member of our expert automotive team can assist you in honing in on a Subaru model that complements your needs, driving preferences, and lifestyle on the road. Our goal is to help you find an incredible vehicle; with our team, and our selection of automotive options, we believe we can easily achieve that goal.

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