Lease vs Buy a Subaru in EL Paso TX

Should You Buy or Lease from Subaru El Paso?

Selecting between leasing vs buying a new Subaru car from Subaru El Paso can be a difficult decision. Whether you sign the Subaru leasing deal with us or take a loan to buy your next favorite car is always your decision and depends on your shopping preferences. While buying is a top choice for many, the trend is changing now with more Subaru leasing deals available at rewarding discounts. Either way, you drive your favorite Subaru car when you buy or lease with us, and make monthly payment to continue driving it. In this article, we are putting together a table with side-by-side comparison between leasing vs buying your next Subaru car.

At A Glance: Subaru

The all-new Subaru cars are spacious and equipped with endless modern features (depending on the model you choose) to offer you better drivability with the comfort and safety of the Subaru. The brand, well-known for its roomy interiors, upscale features and standard symmetrical all-wheel-drive, is always a top choice among families and off-road travelers. Learn more about Subaru's latest safety, and in-vehicle technology features here.

TITLE IS YOURSOnce your loan ends, the title is yours. Buying makes you the car owner eventuallyLeasing doesn't make you a Subaru owner. After your lease-end, you return the car
UPFRONT PAYMENTUpfront payment includes cash down payment, interest rates, taxes and other feesSubaru leasing involves an upfront payment too, with a rental fee, taxes, monthly payment and acquisition fee.
LONG-TERM COSTWhen you buy a vehicle, your monthly car payment ends after your loan is paid off. You also receive your car title from the bankLeasing agreement lasts for 36-months. You also make monthly payment for your Subaru car lease throughout this lease term
END OF TERMEnd of the term in buying means end of the loan termEnd of term in leasing means the lease-end, and you return the vehicle
RESALE OPPORTUNITYWith car buying, you have the resale opportunityLeasing doesn't make you a car owner, so no resale opportunity

Love the idea of a new Subaru and want to get a feel of it? Watch this virtual test drive video on our website.

Why Should You Lease or Buy From Subaru El Paso?

At Subaru El Paso, we commit to serve each customer in the best possible way. At our showroom, you will find many incredible new vehicle specials, lease deals and incentives on specific car make and models. Here are some impressive assortment of customizable benefits that we offer.

  • New Vehicle Specials: Subaru El Paso offers a range of selected featured vehicles at competitive prices, representing new and popular trends in the market. Take a moment to check out all our highlighted deals, new featured vehicle inventory page and new vehicle specials.
  • Incentives and Offers: We provide incredible incentives and offers on Subaru leasing and car purchase deals. Two of our most popular offers are: short/long-term offers, and lease offers.
  • Lease Deals: We provide discounted lease deals on all Subaru compact, sedan, SUVs and crossovers, with some Subaru leasing deals starting at zero security deposit on all standard 36-month leasing deals.
  • Official Auto Finance Center: We know how daunting car shopping can be, and that's why we have a special team right here to help you throughout the process. At Subaru El Paso, we have an official Auto Finance Center where you can meet our loan-experts to find more about auto loans and financing.

Subaru: Lease or Buy?

Subaru leasing can be cost-effective than buying if you don't want a long-term loan commitment. However, buying can be a better choice if car ownership is your top priority. Here is a comparison leasing vs buying table presenting the cost variation between these two approaches.

For this comparison, we have an imaginary Subaru priced at $20,000. Let's see how much you would pay to take this car home.

Car Pay:$8,000 and $12,000 residual$20,000
Loan Term:36 months60 months
Down Payment:Yes but lowYes but high
Monthly Payment:$260$380
Bank Collects:$8,000 plus interest$20,000 plus interest

When you lease, the bank pays $20,000 to the dealership. However, you just pay $8,000(40 percent value) plus interest divided into small monthly payments throughout your lease agreement termWhen you buy, you get the $20,000 loan from the bank to pay for the car. Once you pay off the entire loan amount with interest, the bank sends you the title

For shoppers who would prefer to drive a new vehicle every few years and love the idea of low monthly payments, leasing remains the best choice for them. As mentioned in the table above, you can see how your Subaru leasing can cost you less compared to buying one.

Ultimately, the choice is yours whether to choose leasing or buying. We recommend each buyer making a thorough analysis of all circumstances and take financial situations into consideration before deciding between leasing vs buying. Whether you're considering to buy a new Subaru or signing a Subaru leasing deal, our team can assist you with financing options or special offers.

CALL US: To lease or loan, let our expert team help you. If you live in El Paso and want a new Subaru, visit our showroom today, or simply, just call us at 888-880-4461 for more details on leasing vs buying.

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