Among the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers is "should I get my Subaru oil changed at my nearby Subaru dealership?". When it comes to scheduled maintenance of their new or pre-owned Subaru vehicles, we understand the challenges contemporary drivers deal with. Who do you trust with your brand-new or quality pre-owned car, truck, or SUV's service? There are a lot of options readily available to customers today. Should you take your Subaru to the closest oil change garage? Do you drop it off at your local mechanic shop? Do you do it on your own? Or should you take it to your nearby El Paso Subaru dealer? We are here to help you answer these questions and also to help you with all your Subaru service and maintenance needs in the greater El Paso area.

What Is The Best Place To Go For an Oil Change?

We understand you have invested a lot of time and money in finding and purchasing your brand-new or quality used vehicle. We also understand extending its life can often seem like your greatest priority. This means keeping your car, truck, or SUV's regularly scheduled oil change. With this in mind, Subaru's local El Paso service center offers the following to assist you in answering the question: where is the very best place to get your oil changed?


The Art & Science of Oil Changes

One of the presumptions individuals can often make concerning car dealer maintenance departments is higher prices. This presumption is frequently proven incorrect, especially with routine service like oil changes. Many auto dealers offer very affordable, and even lower, service prices than the appealing Subaru oil change bargains that the specialty stores offer.

If you've ever used your car, truck, or SUV to one of those quick stop shops, you have probably learned that the name of the game is 'upsell'. Those coveted 'oil change near me coupons' can be changed faster than your oil once the service technician starts telling you what products and services your car, truck, or SUV 'needs'. At your local dealership's Subaru service center, however, you're going to get upfront pricing and deals that aren't subject to change. Our speciality isn't just in servicing your car or truck. We want to earn your trust along with your ongoing business.

Knowledge Is Power

It wasn't too long ago that changing a car or truck's oil was fairly universal for every make and model on the market. Times have definitely changed, however, thanks to much more advanced engines and the development of synthetic lubricants. Among the key advantages in taking your car, truck, or SUV to an auto dealership for routine service is the peace of mind that comes with manufacturer certified Subaru service technicians. You can place your trust in individuals who are expertly educated to know absolutely everything about your vehicle's service and maintenance requirements.

For example:

  • Parts Accessibility - If problems become identified during the oil change, your El Paso Subaru dealership will most likely have access to the parts required to handle it.
  • Installed to Specs - Certified Subaru specialists know what the torque specs are on your car's drain plug and/or oil filter.
  • No guesswork on the oil/filter - Our technicians know what kind and how much oil your vehicle needs.

How Long May an Oil Change Take at a Dealership?

The short response is, 'not long'. It should be kept in mind, however, that our estimated service times are subject to change depending on the quantity of service requests. We work hard to guarantee all of our clients' service and maintenance needs are taken care of as thoroughly and promptly as feasible. Having said that, we know there are unanticipated and unavoidable circumstances that could lead to longer-than-usual wait times. That is why we go the extra mile to provide our customers with comfortable waiting areas as well as complementary amenities and courtesies you simply will not be offered anywhere else.

Discover the Highest Quality in El Paso Subaru Oil Changes

We have lots of fantastic reasons for you to trust your Subaru's maintenance needs to our service team. The most effective reason we have, however, is the individuals working on your vehicle. Not to get too cheesy here but you truly can not put a cost on the connections that are built throughout the vehicle shopping process. Normally, vehicle buyers spend a ton of hours with a car dealership's sales and finance staff members. We recognize the value in those connections between our service and sales teams and our clients. That's why we have made our first priority the people that work for us as well as the people that choose to shop with us.

We understand there are a great deal of choices available for your Subaru's maintenance and service business. There truly is only one question that needs to be answered, however: who do you trust to have you and your vehicle's best interest as their highest priority? Our Subaru Service Center is fully staffed and equipped to take care of every one of the maintenance and service requirements specific to your vehicle. For additional information about our service specials and oil changes, just call us or schedule online.

Why You Should Get Your Oil Changed at Your El Paso Subaru Dealership

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