Let the Team at Garcia Subaru El Paso Handle Your Subaru Recall

At Garcia Subaru El Paso, we are dedicated to making sure that your Subaru is in excellent condition so you can drive safely and confidently.  That means offering the expertise of our service center when your vehicle needs maintenance and repair, but it also means taking care of your vehicle in the event of an auto recall.

What is an auto recall?

Your vehicle may be subject to a recall if Subaru or the NHTSA finds that your model has a safety-related defect or does not quite meet federal safety standards.  Subaru sends letters to anyone impacted by a recall.  You can also do a quick Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) lookup on this page to see if your car needs attention.  Your VIN is the 17-character ID on your registration, insurance card, windshield, and driver's side doorjamb.

If your car is recalled, don't worry!  Just bring it to us at Garcia Subaru El Paso and we'll take care of it for you.

I got a recall letter! Now what?

Your letter will give you the recall details including what the problem is, the risks it poses, how Subaru intends to deal with it, and what you should do next.

Do I have to pay to deal with this recall?

No!  We'll take care of your Subaru for you free of charge.  We'll solve the recall issue and get you back on the road safely.  That's all there is to it.  Just stop by our Subaru dealership or give us a call to set up an appointment.  We recommend bringing your recall letter with you.

I have more questions!

We'd love to answer them for you!  Reach out to our service center at (877) 793-3815 or visit us at Garcia Subaru El Paso.  We'll be happy to help you out!